Hack4Resilience Asia


Now that we are moving into the next stage of the Corona pandemic, governments need different data to find out what measures must be taken, and after their implementation, whether they are effective. But the data comes first, and in that respect Hack4Resilience Asia is an interesting project.

Who is Hack4Resilience?

Hack4Resiliience is a collaboration between ResilientSociety and the World Bank group. It is a multi-city co-creation platform aimed at building Big Data Applications for the COVID-19 Observatory. Together, we develop prototypes and technologies for data-driven governance that help public officials deal with the pandemic and better prepare for a resilient society.

Hack4Resilience and public transport

Hack4Resilience’s project leader, aptly named MOVE (Mobility & Vehicle Technology Research Center), is looking for data on people’s movements, particularly on their use of public transport systems. Obviously, the 1.5 meters’ distance requirement dramatically decreases the number of people carried by any form of (public) transport, be it plane, bus, tram, train. So, bearing this in mind, what can you do to keep public transport economically viable while satisfying the 1.5 m distance requirement? And, simultaneously, what do public transport systems need to stay socially acceptable and environmentally safe? And there you are, two challenges in one, that reflect the major issues today’s world is facing.

What are the concrete issues to be addressed?

Hack4Resilience is looking for any (digital) idea, sustainable in the long term, that can help public transport systems. Particularly, it wants to develop an agent-based model of simulation to help implement economically viable and sustainable measures in public transport systems. 

What kind of people and resources does Hack4Resilience need?

They are looking for coders, data scientists, domain experts, policy-makers, particularly for the next sprint. The current iteration ends on 25 June.

They also need data, see Google mobility data COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

More information

Look at Hack4Resilience-Thailand-Socially distant transportation 

You can still join the next co-creation sprint, which is going to start next month.