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Affordable, easy to manufacture and manageable mechanical ventilator that can be rapidly distributed across the world.
Project by Job Sesink Project by on ‎21/5/2020 9:08 AM
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In close collaboration with national museum “Boerhaave”, an original East-Radcliffe ventilator was disassembled by a TU Delft team of staff and students. It has been used as an inspiration for the new design. We aim to develop a low-cost and easy-to-manufacture mechanical ventilator that can be rapidly distributed across the world. Today, an interdisciplinary team of 40 people consisting of academic staff, students, and technical support staff is working on the machine while being advised by medical doctors and medical reservists.

There is a high demand for easy-to-produce, durable ventilators in intensive care units across the world. Due to a lack of high end (medical or electric) components and in some parts of the world, lack of training, there is need of easy to produce, maintain and use ventilators.
A crowd funding campaign has been launched to work on two major aspects: 1) to make the current design of the ventilator market-ready. This incorporates developing additional functionalities of the ventilator, such as weaning and free-breathing trials, and conducting tests for certification. Applying for certification is crucial to be able to proceed in this project. 2) Furthermore, to provide interested low-income countries with an example ventilator to examine the design and start production in their own facilities. These partners will adjust the design to match with the available parts and production facilities in that specific country. This means that the compatibility of these components needs to be tested for each configuration that will be used. The crowdfunding support will also create budget for the production and transport of these parts to the interested countries and for testing of the configurations.

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Museum Boerhave, TU Delft

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