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Easy-to-make for measuring oxygen saturation and heartbeat in COVID patients
Project by Arjo Loeve - 3mE Project by on ‎21/5/2020 9:19 AM
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Developing an affordable, easy-to-make pulse oximeter that can be manufactured from widely available stock-parts.

Arjo Loeve and his research colleagues at TU Delft’s Department of BioMechanical Engineering are working with the Jeroen Bosch Hospital and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences on a new pulse oximeter that is easy and inexpensive to produce. The pulse oximeter is a crucial measurement tool that monitors the heartbeat and amount of oxygen in the blood while COVID-19 patients are being treated. The aim of the research is to counteract the impending shortage of this tool.

This project is financially supported by:

‘Creatieve oplossingen aanpak coronavirus (COVID-19)’

Manufacturers/Production partners.

Arjo Loeve - 3ME TU Delft

Early design

Shortage of pulse oximeters

Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

the Netherlands