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Rapid design, weaving and distributed production in times of crisis
Project by Abbie Project by on ‎22/5/2020 1:10 PM
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Fabric4Masks explores the potential of local networks for production of anti-viral masks, based on innovative 3d double-woven fabrics and state-of-the-art design methodologies. The aim is to design and develop masks (and other fabric based protective gear) that makes the most of the potential of 3D woven materials for protective use. We focus on fit, quality, sustainability and the possibilities present in locally available production systems and material streams. The consortium consists of the Wearable Senses Lab at the TU/e Industrial Design department, fashion tech designer by-wire.net, and technical weaving company EE labels.

We are facing an urgent need for protective masks and clothing, which needs to be of high quality, easily produced and distributed. Fabric4Masks aims to confront this need by testing the filter potential of 3D woven fabrics, and designing with an aim to exploit these opportunities, while taking into consideration the regional ability of scaling production and distribution of materials. As such, the project aims to enhance the resilience and response time of production facilities as to meet the special conditions in times of crises (including the potential lock-down of large-scale industrial production). 
We are looking for partners and collaborators with expertise and capacity for testing of masks and samples. We are also looking for collaborations to add to our local distributed networks of fabric production.  

TU Eindhoven

Testing phase

TU Eindhoven