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Exit strategies in Corona times

Challenge for scientists to come up with exit strategies for COVID-19.
Project by Roel Kamerling Project by on ‎23/5/2020 5:04 PM
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This grass-root initiative aims to crowdsource available expertise, both in terms of citizens’ creativity and in terms of scientists’ knowledge.The challenge is to come up with an exit strategy, i.e., a policy that allows society to recover while keeping the pressure on the healthcare system at an acceptable level.


Countries across the world are beginning to slowly lift the ‘hammer’, with some opening schools and others allowing certain sectors of society back to work. But enormous uncertainty remains, how can we increasingly go back to a ‘normal’ state without overburdening the healthcare system? What are the economic costs associated with different exit strategies? etc. This project aims to generate, model, and evaluate different exit strategies through a massive Open Science and Citizen Science based initiative.
In the first phase of Strategies versus Corona, we have called on citizens and scientists to generate ideas about exit strategies. Now, we announce the second phase. We call on scientists to come together in interdisciplinary teams to work out and propose an exit strategy that can potentially be implemented.

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