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Complex Grief and PTSD after Covid 19 Losses

Alleviating difficulties in processing grief during and after the COVID-19 epidemic.
Project by Anne Goossensen Project by on ‎26/5/2020 10:43 AM
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Hospital rule prohibit relatives from saying their final goodbyes to relatives dying with coronavirus. Due to this lack of physical contact, complex grief processing is impeded and compounded. Delayed and complex grief has negative implications for physical and mental health, and greater strain and burdens on professional mental health care facilities.

Complex grief occurs when acute grief and emotional despair, experienced after a close relative dies, persists. This manifests itself in agony and/or denial and disbelief which can persist for months or even years. Addressing grief now can prevent grief related problems from compounding and becoming 'complex' later. The project comprises a drop-in support group (2 hrs per day, at Villa TrösT in Dordrecht) and an outreach programme targeting those who have had one or more of their relatives pass away due to the coronavirus.

Volunteers to facilitate the support group sessions. Assistance in monitoring and efficacy research, and in generating a transferable model. Financial contribution to establish partnership with Portland Institute for Loss & Transition.  

Prof. dr. Anne Goossensen (a.goossensen@uvh.nl)

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