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Medical Protective Textiles
Project by Ruben Mabesoone Project by on ‎29/5/2020 9:31 AM
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Medprotex was founded with the aim of producing high-quality medical protective equipment, including mouth masks, on a large scale in the Netherlands. The consortium develops production devices in rapid prototyping to speed-up current production (folding and cutting of the semi-finished products). These devices can be multiplied. Medprotex also aims for sustainable production on commercially available production lines in the near future.

The demand on high-quality medical protection is higher than there is to offer in the COVID-19 crisis, the project is able to fulfill this demand

The Medprotex consortium realises a norm conform test-unit for masks of type I, II and IIR.We would like to get support in setting up the procedures for the aerosol filter test (hardware, bacteria and ML2 lab already available), including the handling and cleaning of the device in order to not lose time finding out ourselves. Also launching customers would be welcome, with masks of known properties to calibrate the devices.


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Boogaard Textiles, AMI Biobased Materials, Kreuze, Maastricht Instruments, Simplicate, Achten van Gent