Project i-386, version 1.5


Development of a chatbot for hospitals to simplify their internal question-and-answer process towards employees
Project by Daphne van Geemen Project by + 1 co-author on ‎2/6/2020 10:00 AM
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The project aims to develop a chatbot where hospital personnel can ask their questions regarding COVID-19 and the chatbot provides an answer automatically. The chatbot should learn from the questions that are coming in and provide possible follow-up answers (without even asking for it). It should also be able to adapt the answer if it might change (in these days answers change quickly).

During this COVID-19 crisis, hospital personnel are working as hard as they can. They have many questions that need to be answered. There is a Q&A, but meanwhile it is so extensive that the answer is not easily found.

The project is looking for people who can help with the implementation of the chatbot. Furthermore, we are looking for volunteers who can test it.

Dorus Sas (Máxima Medisch Centrum)

Validation in real context

TU Eindhoven, Maxima Medisch Centrum, Flow.ai