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PAARD - keeping the best fan experience & music scene alive

Bringing the love and knowledge for live music experiences back to the fans and the artists of Den Haag.
Project by Milena Ninova Project by on ‎2/6/2020 3:45 PM
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Paard - the biggest pop podium in The Hague, is unable to organize and promote events. This affects their
revenue stream from consumption sales, the local and international artists’ bookings and creative processes as
well as the lack of social entertainment and music fan connections for the general public. Additionally, the venue
facilities and the entire expert crew is in a standstill until further notice.

However, they are not the only ones. There are many entertainment venues and organizations struggling with the same problems. We hope that the ResilientSociety co-creation platform will unite all stakeholders and help them build a new future together.

The overall challenge that Paard is facing is:

"How to use the venue, crew and brand of Paard to survive as a foundation and offer maximum added value to society, The Hague and especially the local  (and international) music scene?"

and it can be divided in 3 sub-challenges:

1. How to make use of the venue facilities and the expertise of Paard’s crew members for online and offline
2. How to get the ‘Paard experience’ inside or outside the venue in a new form of an economically viable
3. How can Paard’s brand support or inspire more personal connections between local producers, artists
and audiences within a viable model for all stakeholders involved?

WorldStartup organized and hosted an Ideation Fest with fruitful results for each challenge. The best ideas have been narrowed down to 2 and are now in progress for planning and validation.

Paard "Sessions" idea
& "Tailor-made" idea for special need target groups

There are multiple aspects that build up the need for a solution to these challenges.
From perspective of the venues and organizations, it is about preserving their business opportunities and survival as well as the wellbeing of their extensive staff of experts from different fields of work.

From perspective of the city cultural development, it is about supporting and maintaining the local music scene and talent.

From perspective of the citizens, it is about recreating the unique Paard experience for both music fan- or social-interactions.

Paard is looking for parties interested in investing time, effort or financial support in their 2 chosen ideas.

Paard Den Haag


Entertainment industry, Municipality/Province