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Hack4Resilience-Thailand-Rural Reconstruction

Equipping rural communities with new skills and mindsets
Project by Elke Sauter Project by on ‎3/6/2020 6:58 PM
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To make our society sustainable, we have to rethink how to reconstruct the rural areas. Although this problem is not new, this is the time to revamp our strategies. Rural reconstruction entails more than simply financial support. Rural people need to be equipped with knowledge, such as entrepreneurial mindset, technical know-how, and managerial skills, and be able to access resources needed to succeed. Retraining and learning new skills would be needed. Not only online marketing and sales, post harvesting and manufacturing techniques, logistics and transportation management, environmental regulations to accounting and financing, but also perhaps local recipes and food preparation to open a local restaurant must be available for people in the rural areas. Any solutions must be contextual to suit the local needs. The human component of rural reconstruction should be reexamined, along with the financial dimension.

See challenge questions below, in the Needs (to be) Addressed Section.

  • Can you create a map of resource preparedness for rural areas in Thailand? 
  • Can you create a directory/marketplace for entrepreneurs and SMEs where people in rural communities can offer their services and find other people with different capabilities? 
  • Can you create an open source application where people can access knowledge resources (training, workshops) with a business focus or alternatively for the agriculture domain? 
  • Any other ideas that are digital and sustainable in the long term that might help the rural reconstruction?
We are looking for coders, data scientists, domain experts, policy-makers interested in joining the hack to develop solutions and prototypes for the challenges posed above. 

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