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Linking pandemic affected SMEs and business consultants
Project by Elke Sauter Project by on ‎3/6/2020 7:19 PM
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ABDSI is Indonesia’s Business Development Services Association. ABDSI collects data on SMEs and has recently run a survey in relation to COVID-19 and has found 37,000 SME affectations due to the pandemic. SMEs have encountered a decrease in sales, less access to capital that results in need for credit. Moreover, there have been significant changes in the supply chains with respect to raw materials: a) expensive raw material prices (increase by 68%). b) raw materials difficult to find from imports (12% imported raw materials) c)limited raw material d) raw material delivery. This has altogether affected the performance of SMEs involved in manufacturing.  

Further, ABDSI, provides mentorship consulting and training services to SMEs in order that the enterprises can realize their business goals. However there is often a mismatch between the capabilities of the mentors/consultants and the needs of the SMEs. This is due partly to the fact that there is not a full profile on the SMEs in West Java and also not all experts have the same background. As the amount of SMEs needing help from ABDSI have considerably increased the past months, the interventions made to SMEs need to be targeted and prioritized: 1) have a match between the expert’s capabilities and the SMEs needs 2) place less importance on SMEs that continue to have digital/office work and focus on the ones relying exclusively on manufacturing or personal services that have been seriously affected by the lockdown. 

See challenge questions below (Needs to be Addressed Section).

1. Challenge Questions:

  • Can you device a system that can document characteristics from SMEs to have a better understanding of them?
  • Can you use AI and machine learning to match indicated business experts and pandemic affected SMEs?
  • Can you develop a tool to prioritize which SMEs need most help and access to finance?
  • Any other ideas that are digital and sustainable in the long term that might help the ABDSI in their business consulting services?

2. Data Needed: SME survey data, list of ABDSI business experts capabilities, SME profiles

We are looking for coders, data scientists, domain experts, policy-makers interested in joining the hack to develop solutions and prototypes for the challenges posed above. 

Indonesia’s Business Development Services Association (ABDSI)


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