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Hack4Resilience-India-Climate resilient agriculture and policy

Building tools for resilient agriculture management and governance
Project by Elke Sauter Project by on ‎4/6/2020 4:47 AM
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About 55.49% of the Telangana’s population is dependent on some form or the other on farm activity for livelihoods. Agriculture is one of the critical areas vulnerable to Climate Change. In view of this, there will be greater impacts from climate change on livelihoods. As per the GSDP of 2014-15, the agriculture sector expected negative growth of -10.3% recorded in agriculture and allied sectors, attributed mainly to the adverse seasonal conditions. Agriculture per season was badly hit due to climatic conditions and recorded negative growth of -21.3%, which was partially compensated by the positive growth trends in Livestock (6.5%), Forestry & Water logging (2.7%) and fisheries (11.4%)5. Consequently, the contribution of the Agricultural sector declined to 12.8% from 15.1% in the previous year. 

The other major challenge for the farmers is the access to right information regarding the supply chain of their produce and access to price and market information.

This coupled with sudden shocks such as COVID-19 affect the livelihood of a large proportion of the population. 

See challenge questions below (Needs to be Addressed Section).

1. Challenge questions: 

  • Can a decision support tool be built for policy makers using satellite data, crop acreage, yield of the farmers and the market conditions to optimize the financial and social interventions implemented by the Government?
  • Access to pricing, demand and supply data is very difficult in agriculture. Can we build a market observatory for multiple sectors of agriculture in the state? 
  • If data is not available regarding the markets, can we identify proxies for the indices.
  • Any other idea that is digital and sustainable in the long term that might help in climate resilient agriculture and governance?

2. Data needed:

  • Farmer’s registration details for Telangana
  • Soil Health Data
  • eNam - National Agriculture Markets data
  • Subsidies and other financial assistance availed by farmers in different geographic regions within Telangana
We are looking for coders, data scientists, domain experts, policy-makers interested in joining the hack to develop solutions and prototypes for the challenges posed above.

Emerging Technologies Wing, Government of Telangana


Government of Telangana