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Hack4Resilience-India-Nowcasting disease hotspots

 Identify ‘hot’ places for disease spread and rate of transmission in the relaxed zones
Project by Elke Sauter Project by on ‎4/6/2020 4:52 AM
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As the stringency in lockdown is relaxed in India in stages, where some zones have relaxed rules in comparison to others, it is important to nowcast the probability of developing new hotspots. This can help the Government intervene before the number of cases rises uncontrollably.

See challenge questions below (Needs to be Addressed Section).

1. Challenge Questions: 

  • Can we nowcast new hotspots of disease spread based on data from sources other than only confirmed cases within a zone? 
  • Can proxy datasets be identified which can help monitor the rate of transmission and probability of new hotspots before the cases are confirmed by tests?
  • Any other idea that is digital and sustainable in the long term that might help in facilitating the response phases of the pandemic?

2. Data Needed:

  • Mobility data from mobile network providers
  • Mobility data from sources such as Facebook Mobility datasets
  • Identifying trends in rural-urban migration to aid in redefinition of zones within the state
  • Data on confirmed, quarantined and suspected cases at a granular level (Aarogya Setu App)
We are looking for coders, data scientists, domain experts, policy-makers interested in joining the hack to develop solutions and prototypes for the challenges posed above.

Emerging Technologies Wing, Government of Telangana


Government of Telangana