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Learning Buddy

Platform that matches (primary & secondary) school children that need extra tutoring with voluntary teachers. 
Project by Hub Jongen | WorldStartup Project by on ‎4/6/2020 9:50 PM
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Our project aims to start a community of teachers by helping them expand their teaching outreach to school children who are falling behind during the pandemic, in order to make online learning accessible and effective for all.

50% of children in primary and  secondary school risk in falling back in their studies due to the remote schooling as result of Covid-19. Parents need help with their children's education, as they often do not have the time or skills to help them. The problem was validated by external research by Gallup International (2020) and interviews and questionnaire with parents in Netherlands.

To validate the needs and the solution with students and their parents on one side and voluntary teachers on the other side, we need the collaboration of teachers and school directors. To start, we are looking to get in contact with directors of primary schools. We also need (access) to software development capacity to speed up the further development of our application

Learning Buddy


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