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Collaboration for Business Resilience and Intelligence
Project by Stanley Agba Project by on ‎6/6/2020 9:13 AM
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The corona-crisis has been largely about containing the virus, now we must reboot the businesses and the economy.
How are Dutch organizations coping and adapting to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic?
Kolibiri wants to help organizations to unlock by fast-tracking adaptation to the external environment.

Many countries around the world - including the Netherlands - are now past the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and must now deal with the economic aftermath.

In the Netherlands this poses difficult questions: How do Dutch organizations cope and manage their return back to "normal" economic life. What is the new normal and
how can businesses and organizations adapt and do so quickly?

Kolibiri - a mnemonic for Collaboration for Business Resilience and Intelligence - aims to assist Dutch organizations adapt as quickly as possible to economic life both during and after the pandemic.

The project aims to assist businesses power through the uncertainties brought on by Covid-19n without being overwhelmed and also encourage collaboration and sharing of insights and data between organizations to help fast track decision making.

The focus is being placed on small and medium businesses primarily because of their agility and typical high levels of motivation to survive.

The lessons from this project would also be extremely useful on a global scale as the Netherlands is not the only country in the world looking to reboot the economy.

This fits in perfectly with the idea of a Resilient society. Especially one built on collaboration among its members and on insights from gathered data.

A post Covid-19 economy presents new challenges and uncertainties for many businesses.
Shifting social values, a 1.5 meter distance economy, movement restrictions e.t.c., all pose new questions that must be answered as quickly as possible.

Ease of access to data and lessons from other businesses facing similar challenges would help fast track the decision making process and speed up a return to normalcy.

Such a platform for collaboration and sharing for information as well as insights into collected data is the primary need being addressed by Kolibri.

Access to entrepreneurs, small and medium scale business looking to reboot their business post-covid19. Assistance with distributing data collection surveys.

Nuno Oliveira, Tilburg University. <N.R.BarrosDeOliveira@tilburguniversity.edu>

Testing phase

KvK, Tilburg University, NWO