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Hack4Resilience-Thailand-Socially distant transportation

Addressing new social distancing measures in the transportation sector
Project by Elke Sauter Project by on ‎8/6/2020 3:38 PM
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To implement social distancing measures, the public transport sector needs to be transformed. If 1.5 meters distance is required between passengers, the number of passengers allowed on a bus/train/ferry/plane will be significantly reduced. What is an economically viable way to implement this? At the same time environmentally and socially sustainable?

See more here: https://covid-19observatory.com/story3

See challenge questions below (Needs to be Addressed Section).

1. Challenge Questions:

  • Can you come up with an agent-based model or simulation that can demonstrate how to implement an economically viable and sustainable way to implement the new transportation measures? 
  • Any other ideas that are digital and sustainable in the long term that might help the transportation sector?

2. Data Needed:

Google mobility data https://www.google.com/covid19/mobility/

We are looking for coders, data scientists, domain experts, policy-makers interested in joining the hack to develop solutions and prototypes for the challenges posed above. 

Mobility & Vehicle Technology Research Center (MOVE)


Google Mobility