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Covid-19 Exit Strategies - a citizens perspective

An online choice experiment to investigate exit scenario preferences for COVID-19 worldwide. In the Netherlands 30.000 people took part in the study in the two weeks after launch.
Project by Anatol Itten Project by + 1 co-author on ‎20/5/2020 6:33 AM
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Governments around the world want to understand the preferences of citizens with regard to the relaxation of corona measures at the same time preventing a second wave of infection. After evaluating the considerations and preferences of 30.000 Dutch citizens via an online choice experiment, the TU Delft in close cooperation with the RIVM, recently provided the Dutch cabinet with structured, detailed and reliable information on preferred exit strategies. Now we strive to make the tool available to the international community.

1) Support in translating the online experiment to other languages and adapting the presented information as a showcase for other cultures 2) Partners that would support or lead an international collaboration

TU Delft

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