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The Rise Of Ventilator Projects During COVID-19

Understanding reactionary design through medical ventilator projects during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
Project by Meis Project by + 1 co-author on ‎9/6/2020 7:22 AM
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This project aims to collect and analyse ventilator projects, mainly set up throughout the/a pandemic.
In conclusion it hopes to understand the benefits and pitfalls of in impromptu responses by companies, universities and individual makers alike. It can also be a way to define the design process in times of crisis.

Understanding of how producers from widely different backgrounds and nationalities initiate design and production of medical ventilators during crisis times.

People from different disciplines uploading possible relevant projects and/or contributing to the conversation through their personal fields of expertise. The ultimate aim is to publish a blog posts with the insights and organize a webinar on ResilientSociety.

Roel Kamerling