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A charcoal filter based low cost medical grade mask
Project by Joshua Teye Project by on ‎10/6/2020 8:50 PM
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In the fight to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, preventive equipment is of paramount importance. However, the short supply of this equipment has been the reality in most countries across the globe. To address this concern, the use of readily available materials and innovative techniques are highly welcomed while not compromising quality. Project Krona has designed a medical-grade mask which uses an active charcoal filter locally produced in the Netherlands. The mask can be used in hospitals, care homes and by other critical working groups. It is expected that the mask should have a filtration rate of 99.6 % towards the Covid-19 virus.

The project seeks to address the shortage of preventive equipment (Personal Preventive Equipments - PPEs)

The project is in its initial stages and expert advice on infection prevention and medical safety with regards to mask design/production is required

Iris Bekkers

Testing phase

TU Eindhoven