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Close contact for mentally disabled and people suffering from dementia

The project aims to find and develop solutions that enables people with a mental disability or dementia to have close contact with their loved ones in a safe way. 
Project by Mark Beermann Project by on ‎30/6/2020 9:45 PM
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Finding ways to adress the need for close contact with people that don't understand the reason behind social distancing.

People with a mental disabillity or suffering from a brain disease (like Down syndrom, Alzheimer, Parkinson) have great dificulties understanding the COVID-19 situation and all the social distancing measures that come with it.

They need physical and social contact even more than other people, yet they don't understand why they are not allowed to and why their care takers and loved ones keep the distance. The lack of contact clearly effects their health situation.

Patients, caretakers and relatives struggle all struggle finding ways to deal with this situation within the rules and regulations.

The problem is occurring in nursing homes, but also with people being in their own homes.

Please share in the comments any ideas or existing projects you of to enable close contact in a safe way or to help people deal with the social distancing situation in a less stressful way. Furthermore, we are looking for (at least) one organisation (healthcare, governmental) that can act as a problem owner and be a testbed or pilot partner for solutions. Send us a message if you're interested. There is a clear description of the support request available in Dutch, as a result of the Cheallenge Definition Sprint that was run on the ResilientSociety platform.

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