Project i-098, version 2.1

Fresh Food Redistribution

Changing the way we distribute food 
Project by Ruben Clerc Project by on ‎20/5/2020 10:16 AM
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The solution that we are looking for is an alternative supply chain that reduces food waste, enhances the use cases of fresh food, ensures supply of fresh food to the food banks and can bring new ways of working even after the crisis has ended.

Due to disruptions of the markets as a result of Corona crisis, there will be surpluses in fresh food. This causes big losses for the producers and waste of food, where at the other hand food banks face an increase in demand.
Insights in the surplus and supply chain problems (quantitative and qualitative), Insights in the demand and developments from the food banks, Data on the processed food market

Provincie Zuid Holland

Early design

Greenport West Holland, Groente & Fruit Brigade, Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling, WorldStartup