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An app to get a grip on the intake of medication that can be used to help with research regarding symptoms and prevention of COVID-19.
Project by Sako Arts Project by + 1 co-author on ‎20/5/2020 2:05 PM
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MedApp is an app developed to improve the life of medication users. In the app, you can create medication intake schedules and the app will send reminders when you need to take your medication. Via the app you can also get information regarding medication intake and availability in times of COVID-19. Since over 95.000 people have already installed the app, this platform could potentially be used to help with research regarding symptoms and prevention of COVID-19, especially in this vulnerable group in society. One such questionnaire has already been sent out on which more than 66% of the active user base gave a reply.

Researchers who are searching for a platform to acquire more data regarding symptoms and prevalence of the COVID-19 virus under the (vulnerable) group of medication users.

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During the COVID-19 crisis, there are a lot of questions from patients about medication availability and intake. Furthermore, data needs to be collected about prevalence, symptoms etc. of the COVID-19 virus, for which this app could be a great platform.

TU Eindhoven