MIT Emergency Ventilator | Design Toolbox

Roel Kamerling signaled

The goal of this site is to provide the best information we can, focused around safety, on automating a manual resuscitator, as a potential means for longer-term ventilation. This is a completely off-label use, but we recognize the global interest when a hospital has used up all ventilators and the only option is manual bagging a patient. We hope that such systems may serve as bridge devices and help with the triage of available respirators and clinicians trained in respiratory therapy. This may allow less severe patients to be cared for by less specialized clinicians, while resources are focused on those most in need. However, at no time should a patient be unattended without someone skilled available to directly monitor their vital signs. Effectively, we are reprising the early days of safe ventilation where direct clinical observation of patient condition served as the key feedback.

"Any solution should be utilized only in a healthcare setting with direct monitoring by a clinical professional. While it cannot replace an FDA-approved ICU ventilator, in terms of functionality, flexibility, and clinical efficacy, the MIT Emergency Ventilator is anticipated to have utility in helping free up existing supply or in life-or-death situations when there is no other option. "